Songs to Mythal

by Irene Zhong

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To the Great Protector / Su Ir’Amelan

Mar lahn elas tarosa su Mythal:
Sul’emalan or tunan, amelan or vun i alas aron
Ar’an dosan ehn varshiir; lahna su em, i jugaran
i’tel lanaste, i’tel geal
Irlahna veredhe in lea’vune
Lasa nan’ise nuis, tuaun leal

Let fly your voice to Mythal:
Deliverer of justice, protector of sun and earth alike
We few who travel far; call to me and I will come,
Without mercy, without fear.
Cry havoc in the moonlight,
Let the fire of vengeance burn, the cause is clear.


released June 28, 2015
a new song today, in elvish. huge thanks to the talented fenxshiral​ (aka the mastermind behind Project Elvhen) for translating these super awesome lyrics. he also recorded audios of proper pronunciations and everything. how diggity dang cool. go have a read/listen. it’ll be worth your time.

and yeah i’m biased towards mythal so i picked her songs to write first. hope you enjoy x

exec notes:

i had real trouble with ideas at the beginning- writers block because i haven’t composed in a while ;w; but i decided to pick a scale and RUN WITH IT. i forgot the name of this mode/scale but hey if i can use it then ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

and even at that state i had no idea how i wanted the melody to really...sit. so i improvised ALL OVER THE PLACE and bam song #1 done. well i also thought about how the clans would have different versions of the same songs, hence the background vocals were all improvs done without listening to the other melodic tracks- it has a nice dissonant effect (*rubs my dissonant little hand all over my songs* does this bother u) and the echos are kinda like the voices a la vir’abelasan, kinda? yeah.

also high E harmonic drone (fuckin yes)

the second song was essentially just staring at the screen til something came to me (i need to get my writing groove back. damn.)

still haven’t figured out how to make clapping not sound like i’m slapping myself repeatedly and rhythmically. my hands are too small to resonate probably idk
also i’m heavily limited with instruments- only have my voice and violin with me within easy access. I have to go downstairs with all my equipment to get the piano, etc. so the thumping is literally me banging the table. i don’t have a drum, sadly

but the second song is meant to feel like a clapping/dancing/chanting kind of song. so



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Irene Zhong Australia

hi, i'm irene! i am an aspiring composer studying composition in uni.

i play the violin, piano, i sing, and i dabble around on pretty much anything i can find. I find most of my inspirations from my personal life, my surroundings, as well as film and game soundtracks. :) ... more

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